Over the image of the real in the paintings of the artist Pietro Dente


Pietro Dente, born in Padova (Padua) in 1977 and graduated at Bologna’s D.A.M.S. (school of art) in 2003, is a young artist who has shown a strong and peculiar artistic personality since the 90’s, with a career rich with exhibitions, and a wide success and consent of the numerous visitors.

The result of his constant study and researches, shows extraordinary technical skills. In his artwork takes place the junction of contraries: impressionism and abstractionism, surrealism and Pop art.

In the staggering of levels and shapes are enclosed the luminous lines which stand out from the bright colour of the background; through the shine and transparency of a material such is the plexiglass that sets a lively dynamism of the images that flow as a movie screening. Through these fascinating visions, our glance gets lost in a dreamy space in which objective and subjective reality melt in a whirlpool of sensations belonging to our psychic state. This is why Pietro Dente’s precious painting arouses our wonder and enchants us: it eludes control by following the impressions we feel, and it is a cultural mix of different styles and techniques, in the jubilation of lights and bright colours that make his artworks vital.

In his landscapes, the atavist dialogue between mankind and the mysterious nature shines through, creating new shaping data whose graphic sign proclaims a new concept of space: it’s an interior reality, who goes beyond the image of the real, the one that our artist wants to tell.

Carla d'Aquino