Vittorio Caracuta (En)


Pietro Dente can count on numerous exhibitions and participations, many of which abroad, since very young. This is due to an art that feeds itself on a technique which freely puts together the contributions of any kind of avant-garde, summarizing them in a personal proposal with a particular fascination.
In front of his artworks, capable to strike both senses and mind, indifference is forbidden. His skills are served by a strong imaginative virtue and by sensitive, clear refinements. The artist himself seems captivated by the topics he expresses, as one can easily gather from his “Tough Air”. This is what allows him to manage the pictures with the contrast between bright and dark lines – as to imitate long exposure photography -, or to portrait Venice as in a Baroque but ultramodern miniature, precious for the choice of colours and the thick and complex stroke.
Thinking to a simple decadent complaint of the urban landscape would be wrong… the electrical discharges which cross the air like glares, the pushing bounces between objectivity and subjectivity point instead to an astonished soul, to the support and sharing with what he portraits, and to the development of a contemporary mythology.