Silvia Greggio (En)

Concorso Giovani Talenti Michelangelo Antonioni 2014
Premio per l’Originalità assegnato dalla Giuria

Pietro Dente’s recent artwork represents the great metropolis of the world, transfigured according to a more intimate vision and giving to the artwork itself an original and chromatically playful aspect in its creation. The artist originality lays in the overlapping of a Plexiglas sheet on the canvas, defining a kind of three-dimensionality and in the meaning which he expresses as if it was a “ tactile air”, an heavy atmosphere in urban areas. With his art he wants to tell but at the same hide the “confusion” ruling metropolis. A confusion he represents with chromatic proportion and such an ability that capture the viewer while he “covers” it with the Plexiglas, transparent but capable to block reality to give at this same reality another vision… the one of imagination. His art is a continuous experimentation made of colour, transparencies and lights.